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Pauline: Passionate Champion of Sustainable Dining at Refettorio Geneva
Pauline: Passionate Champion of Sustainable Dining at Refettorio Geneva

1m read

Pauline: Passionate Champion of Sustainable Dining at Refettorio Geneva



Pauline: Passionate Champion of Sustainable Dining at Refettorio Geneva


Refettorio, a haven born from the vision of Food for Soul, is a place where surplus food is transformed into nutritious meals for those in need. These community kitchens are not just about offering a warm meal, but also creating a welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy a moment of reprieve and human connection. Refettorio’s purpose stretches beyond addressing immediate hunger needs. It aims to tackle food waste, promote sustainability, and foster social inclusion, building bridges in communities one meal at a time.


In the heart of Refettorio Geneva, we introduce our next inspiring individual, Pauline. She has a unique blend of a high-powered profession at Maison Cartier and a passion for volunteering at Refettorio. Volunteering for the cause not once, but twice, Pauline has discovered that her greatest joy lies in dedicating her free time to those less fortunate, adding a delightful layer to her Food Saved Me story.


For Pauline, food is more than just sustenance. "Food has a special meaning because it is our first need as human beings. It’s important to eat good food with good service as well. Caring, sharing food - it is so crucial to me. I feel good giving my free time to people in need," she explains.


Being a part of Refettorio has also nurtured Pauline's interest in sustainability. "Sustainability is a very strong value of Refettorio. We have a dedicated place in the kitchen to store food. Today we saved pasta, beef, vegetables. Working here has a humanitarian side for me but also a sustainable, ecological one. It is a 360-degree involvement," Pauline shares.


As for her suggestion to combat food waste? "Today everyone should be doing waste sorting. It is the first step we can all do," she advises, emphasizing the significance of individual responsibility in creating a more sustainable world.


As the official partner of Food for Soul, Grundig is deeply honored to be a part of these incredible stories and to introduce inspiring individuals like Pauline. Witnessing her passion for food, sustainability, and community is truly heartening. Through these Food Saved Me stories, we aim to spread the message of Food for Soul further and hope that they serve as a source of inspiration for many more to come. Stay tuned for more inspiring tales from the heart of our partnered Refettorios.