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ULISES: The Sous Chef with a Heart, Serving Love at Refettorio Merida
ULISES: The Sous Chef with a Heart, Serving Love at Refettorio Merida

1m read

ULISES: The Sous Chef with a Heart, Serving Love at Refettorio Merida

ULISES: The Sous Chef with a Heart, Serving Love at Refettorio Merida


Refettorio, a beacon of love and hospitality, embraces a mission that transcends the culinary experience. Operated by Food for Soul, Refettorio's essence lies in transforming surplus food into scrumptious meals, feeding not just the stomach but also the soul. In each Refettorio, the magic of community and connection unfolds, and Ulises's story at Refettorio Merida is a perfect testament to this mission.




Ulises, the Sous Chef at Refettorio Merida, wears a heartwarming smile that speaks volumes about his deep connection to food. From techniques to emotions, Ulises's culinary journey at Refettorio Merida paints an inspiring tale.


Food: A Deep Connection


For Ulises, food is not just sustenance; it's a profound connection that extends beyond the plate. "Food is something very deep for each of us. To share food with people this experience at the Refettorio has changed me 360°," Ulises reveals. His work at Refettorio has reshaped his approach to cooking, making him a chef who cares deeply about each guest and meal.


A Family in the Kitchen


"The Refettorio is the biggest family I have ever had, from the team to the guests," Ulises shares, emphasizing the sense of family that binds everyone at Refettorio Merida. Ulises is not only a chef but also a savior of food, utilizing techniques that echo our grandmothers' wisdom.


Utilizing Home Techniques


"The techniques we use to save food are our home techniques. It's like opening the refrigerator, see what we have inside and think about what to do with that. It's something that our grandmothers used to do," Ulises explains. Whether it's too many vegetables or overly ripe ones, Ulises turns them into delicious sauces or purées, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.


Take it Home: A Message from Ulises


Ulises's message extends beyond the kitchen of Refettorio Merida, reaching our homes. "We need to use these techniques also at home. What we have learned here, we need to do at home as well. It's something that the Refettorio teaches us: not to waste anything, to take advantage of everything we have. Today we have food but there are many people who don't. We have to think about them," Ulises urges, reminding us of the responsibility we all share.


Grundig and Food for Soul


As official partners with Food for Soul, we at Grundig are deeply proud and delighted to introduce to you inspiring individuals like Ulises. His love for food, his passion for saving, and his empathy for those he serves resonate with our values and mission.


Ulises's story illuminates the spirit of Refettorio Merida, where food is a language of love, a medium of connection, and a tool for transformation. His heartwarming smile, his cherished techniques, and his compassionate approach to food are a reminder that in every kitchen, be it at Refettorio or our homes, lies the opportunity to nourish, connect, and care.