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Walter: A Pioneer in Democratic Cuisine and Food Waste Reduction
Walter: A Pioneer in Democratic Cuisine and Food Waste Reduction

1m read

Walter: A Pioneer in Democratic Cuisine and Food Waste Reduction

Walter: A Pioneer in Democratic Cuisine and Food Waste Reduction


Refettorio, a groundbreaking project under the Food for Soul initiative, is much more than just a soup kitchen. It's an international platform focused on inclusivity, sustainability, and community empowerment. It addresses the critical problem of food waste by transforming surplus food into wholesome meals for vulnerable communities. Refettorio aims to provide more than just sustenance; it nurtures a sense of belonging and joy through shared meals.


Meet Walter


As we continue our journey through the inspiring "Food Saved Me" stories, we introduce you to Walter, the Director and Head Chef of Refettorio Geneva. With his innovative techniques and commitment to high-quality cooking, Walter champions the concept of "Democratic Cuisine," arguing that everyone, irrespective of their economic status, should have access to quality food, thus sparking a real societal change.


The Transformative Power of Food


"Food is, first of all, the greatest pleasure," states Walter, expressing the role of food beyond mere sustenance. It’s a canvas for his creativity, a tool for societal engagement. His work at Refettorio has helped him redefine the very essence of food. "The Refettorio is an excuse to draw in people who would never sit at the same table, to attract people who are usually left out of gastronomy," Walter shares.


Innovative Food Saving Techniques


Walter’s approach to food saving encompasses two essential aspects: using all ingredients and valuing the hard work put into food preparation. "One way is based on our working technique through which we save and use all the ingredients. The other way of saving food corresponds with saving our work. For me, it is important to save my colleagues’ work and mine from the trash, giving meaning to what we do for others."


Walter’s Food Saving Advice


Walter encourages us to look at the bigger picture when it comes to food waste. He believes in the power of innovation to create new recipes with edible leftovers and the responsibility of cooks to include those who are left out of gastronomy. "The real change will happen when cooks take their responsibility not to throw away food that is edible," he urges.


As an official partner of Food for Soul, we at Grundig are thrilled to share the inspiring stories of individuals like Walter. It’s awe-inspiring to see how these remarkable individuals use food to make a profound impact, creating a less wasteful, more inclusive world. Stay tuned for more stirring "Food Saved Me" stories from the heart of our partnered Refettorios.