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Homemade Milk Cheese
Homemade Milk Cheese

1m read

Homemade Milk Cheese 



A Symphony of Simplicity and Sustainability


Every culinary journey is made more exciting with the magic of homemade ingredients. Grundig's mission to 'Respect Food, Respect Planet' is deeply woven into the creation of such staples, and our Homemade Milk Cheese recipe is a classic example of this ethos.


Imagine the warmth of fresh milk meeting the sharp tanginess of vinegar, and what results is a delightful cheese that is as simple as it is flavorful. Made with just three ingredients, this homemade cheese will not only elevate your dishes but also reduce your carbon footprint.


An additional bonus? The whey water, a byproduct of cheese-making, which is a treasure trove of protein and can be used in our Whey Caramel recipe. Now that's what we call a zero-waste kitchen!





For multiple servings

Preparation time/ Cooking time:

1 minutes / 3 minutes


  • 1 L milk

  • 15 g vinegar

  • 10 g salt


● Add vinegar to pasteurized milk and bring it back to a boil.

● Strain the coagulated particles through a cheesecloth and mix with salt.

● Save the whey water for other culinary uses or our Whey Caramel recipe.

● Enjoy your Homemade Milk Cheese!