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Matcha Macchiato
Matcha Macchiato

1m read

Matcha Macchiato

Good Mood. Good Coffee.

One of the best mixes in the world!


It’s like a piece of art in a cup! The Matcha Macchiato may initially appear to be a typical latte, but the mystical matcha powder gives it a special twist. Matcha, a popular green beverage known for its health advantages, gives your coffee drinking experience a whole new level of flavor. Every sip of this exquisite beverage is a moment of absolute ecstasy thanks to its smooth, velvety texture and distinctly rich flavor. So indulge in this delectable creation and let the Matcha Macchiato become your go-to drink whenever you want to experience complete delight!




For 2 servings

Preparation time:

10 minutes



  • 4 g matcha powder 
  • 20 ml hot water
  • 400 ml milk 
  • 2 double shots of espresso



  • In a small bowl, whisk the matcha powder and hot water together until the matcha is fully dissolved and no lumps remain.

  • In the coffee machine heat the milk with steam wand until froth texture.

  • In two serving cups, divide the matcha mixture evenly.

  • Brew 2 double shots of espresso in coffee machine.

  • Pour one shot of espresso into each cup with the matcha mixture.

  • Add the hot frothed milk to each cup, dividing it evenly and serve.

  • Enjoy!