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Shrimp Pesto Soup
Shrimp Pesto Soup

1m read

Shrimp Pesto Soup

On chilly days, curl up with a bowl of soup. 


This recipe is a testament to the magic that happens when unique flavors combine to create something truly special. Each spoonful is a symphony of textures and tastes that will tantalize your taste buds and warm your heart. 

Trying new things can be exhilarating, and this Shrimp Pesto Soup invites you to break away from the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. So, grab a ladle, dive into the world of culinary creativity, and savor the excitement of discovering something truly delicious and unique.

You can also use leftovers of pasta and salad dressings in this delicious and unusual soup recite and you can contribute to the responsible use of the world’s resources and environment.







15 MIN.


For 2 servings


  • 300 ml warm vegetable stock
  • 150 g shrimp
  • 100 g leftover pesto sauce
  • 10 g butter  
  • 5 g sea salt 
  • 5 g paprika


  1. First, cook the shrimp with butter in a pan over medium heat for 7 minutes.
  2. Then, add the leftover pesto sauce to the pan with the shrimp.
  3. After the mixture has cooked together for 3 minutes, add the vegetable broth and season the soup with spices.
  4. Enjoy!