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No, if your device support analogue output you can also use Aux-In port on our devices for alternative connection.

If the product has standard speaker terminals and match the required specs, then yes you can enjoy the flexibility of Micro HiFi systems.

No, since it is special close loop connection between bar and subwoofer part, you only have the option of connecting to your existing soundbar.

If your TV supports, an HDMI cable is by far the best way to hook your soundbar up to your TV.

UBS stands for Ultra Bass System which you can enhance EQ setting of your device with just one touch of a button.

If you connect your soundbar via HDMI ARC, you can enjoy the flexibility to use your TV's remote controller for adjusting the volume. Additionally, with this port, when you open your TV, your soundbar will also automatically activates as long as it receives anaudio signal.

Generally, most of the Bluetooth speakers are not intended for using underwater, but if your device has IPX7/IP67 rating then at least dropping in the water up to 1 metre and leaving it there for half an hour tops would not affect the overall performance of your device.
TWS is an abbreviation for True Wireless Stereo technology that you can connect 2 compatible devices together to enhance the overall acoustic pleasure and performance of your device.

Additionally, with this technology, source can be divided automatically into 2 channel (left and right) so that you can hear your favourite records in perfect harmony.

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