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If your hand blender is equipped with a dough hook, you can use it to knead dough.

Table blenders come in various motor powers but does not knead, they fast chop, shred, whip and beat. If your blender is on the weaker end of the scale, it may overheat when you run it for too long.

For your safety, we do not recommend using table blenders with hot food. If you want to prepare hot food like soups, ingredients that go in the blender should be cold or lukewarm.

To prepare and cook hot soup from scratch, use a soup maker instead.

Table blenders are designed to work with a variety of ingredients with different textures. They can be used with ingredients such as fruit, meat, fish, herbs, nuts, cheese, bread, eggs and onions.

Table blenders are perfect for creating smooth mixtures like soups, creamy sauces, smoothies, milkshakes and puddings. Depending on your table blender’s motor power, you can even crush ice. with it.

If there is and accesorry for grinding, table blender can grind for extremely hard ingredients like coffee beans, ice cubes, nutmeg, grains or bones, use a table blender.


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