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Beautiful kitchens for a beautiful life.

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A better future
starts at home

Living sustainably isn't about being perfect. It's about all of us doing
our bit, no matter how small or imperfect.The place to start? At home, with the washing machine that fights microplastics, the TV that uses less energy and the oven that prevents burnt edges so you waste less.

Natural solutions meet stylish efficiency

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Innovative technology for you, and mother nature.

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Make every day a celebration of flavour

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State-of-the-art technology for everyday deliciousness.

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An appetite for Excellence.

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A friend to Freshness.

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Making home the best place to be.

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We care for you and your clothes.

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Sparkling conversation meets modern innovation.

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Welcome to Explore Grundig's World Class Range of High-Quality Appliances

The fresher the ideas, the longer­-lasting the freshness.

Grundig refrigerators and freezers not only store fruit, vegetables and other food under perfect conditions, they also preserve the great taste, nutrients and vitamins they contain thanks to an array of innovative functions. The result? Longer-lasting freshness to help you live a healthy life, while enjoying your favourite foods.

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