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    Best Quality Tumble Dryers from Grundig

    Grundig's dryers are among the best of the market. Stylish design combined with advanced heat pump technology,  sizeable drum capacity and high condenser efficiency make laundry days a walk in the park, Excellent energy effiniency guarantees that you save money as well as time with this powerful drying machine. 

    Best quality heat pump tumble dryers from Grundig:

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    Air Dry Technology - saves not only a huge amount of work, but also energy

    You might think the fuss over drying clothes in a machine is a lot of hot air – until you see your water bills. Most conventional machines actually condense water to perform this process. But the Grundig washer dryer uses only air. That means while your laundry is dried gently and effectively, the water and energy requirement is significantly reduced.

    Warm up to modern living with Grundig's quality washer dryers.

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