This Privacy Policy describes how Arelik A.Ş., its affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, hereinafter referred to as "the Company") collect, process, share and protect your personal information that you give when you download and use the HomeWhiz application and the functions provided by the HomeWhiz application (collectively, hereinafter referred to as "the Services"). The Company may process your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the HomeWhiz Terms of Service. All terms used herein that are not otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy shall be construed as defined in the HomeWhiz Terms of Service. Any matter not contained in these Terms shall be subject to the HomeWhiz Terms of Service.


Any personal information collected and processed by the devices (such as smart TV, smartphone or tablet) on which the HomeWhiz application is running or by the software owned by third parties, which is installed on such device, shall not be subject to this Privacy Policy. Such device and software may process your personal information in accordance with their own privacy policies, and the Company shall not be held liable for any personal information processed in this manner.


1.  What Personal Information We Collect


When you use the HomeWhiz application and the Services, we collect your name, surname, e-mail address, user account, phone number, user name, the country where you live and your location, your products supporting the HomeWhiz application, the software used together with the HomeWhiz application, the operating data about the equipment such as when and how long they are used, the equipment sensor data such as water hardness levels, power mains data, equipment temperature levels, the operating data about the components of the equipment, any equipment error information such as errors and alerts displayed, when such errors and alerts are displayed, information about the devices such as smart TV, smartphone or tablet on which you run HomeWhiz application and the identification details of such devices like MAC number and serial number, and updates of HomeWhiz application and other Software.


We refer all personal information we collect about you as "personal information" or "personal data". Personal data or information refers to the information and data that may be used for determining your identity.


2.  Local Laws


The terms of this Privacy Policy are applicable to all of our users. However, the regulations of some countries may require different levels of the protection of personal information and data. For example, the directives and regulations adopted by the European Union member countries may impose different standards on the protection of personal information and data.


Users agree and state that they are aware that the Company, its affiliates and subsidiaries may be located in a country outside the European Union, and they consent to the collection, use and transfer of their personal information according to this Privacy Policy.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company, its affiliates and subsidiaries agree and undertake to provide the protection required by the EU Directives.


The commitment of the Company, its affiliates and subsidiaries herein does not relieve you of your obligation to comply with the regulations in your own country.


The special terms of this Privacy Policy are reserved.


3.  How We Use Personal Information


To the extent permitted by law, we use your personal information and data for the following purposes in particular:


i.               To register you and to enable you to use our Services.

ii.              To inform you of any new product or service of the Company by sending notice, advertisement or picture through e-mail, SMS and other similar electronic communication means or via the Services on the HomeWhiz application.

iii.            To enable us to improve our products, Services, contents and advertisements.

iv.            To give you advice on the contents, channels and your purchase of other products of our Company.

v.              To combine the information collected under this Privacy Policy with the data we obtain from other resources, and combine your data obtained via our sales teams, technical service units with your other devices for making analyses, improving our Services, Products, contents and advertisements and providing you with better and well-directed after-sale services.

vi.            To send you important notices such as correspondence on acquisitions and any change in our terms, conditions and policies.

vii.           To keep internal records on software updates, technical services and other transactions.

viii.         To meet the requirements of any government request which are lawful according to the applicable law.

ix.            To enforce the HomeWhiz Terms of Service and this Privacy Policy, including investigating potential violations.

x.             To detect, deter or otherwise address any fraud or security issues including but not limited to filtering any spam.



To the extent permitted by the applicable laws, we may combine the personal information and data we collect about you with our Services, website or other channels with the information you provided us via other ways, and retain all such information in a combined database or separate databases.


The Company shall not retain your personal information and data for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was intended or initially collected. Unless and to the extent we are required to retain your personal information for legitimate reasons, we will delete or anonymise your personal information and data once you inform us that you will no longer be using our Services. If a deletion of your personal data would only be possible with unreasonable efforts, we will anonymise your personal information instead of a deletion, and if it is still not possible to anonymise such personal data, we will lock it. We will not collect an excessive amount of personal data about you or any information that is not relevant to the purposes it was collected for.


4.  Direct Marketing


We may use your personal information for marketing purposes, in particular to display to you or present you with advertisements and promotion materials, to inform you about our new products or to conduct free prize draws and prize competitions and other such information which we believe may be of interest to you based on your use of and your interests in our Services, always provided that such use complies with applicable laws.


We will only send you any advertisement, marketing or promotional material or product information, if you have elected to receive such information by email and/or post. Depending on the jurisdiction you reside in and in accordance with applicable laws in your country we may ask you to expressly consent to such use before we send you any marketing or promotional material or before we send you any product information.


You can change your mind about your preferences in respect of direct marketing at any time by using the unsubscribe information on every such mailing, by updating your user profile or account data or by contacting us. If you do so, we would not remove your personal information from our databases to the extent that this personal information is still required by us under the terms of this Privacy Policy or to continue to provide our Services to you.   


5.  Location-based Services


The Company may collect the location data of your device, and use, store, transmit or share such location-based data through the HomeWhiz Application and the Services for providing location-based services for its products. The location data is collected anonymously in a form based on product, not personally identifying you, and it is used to provide and improve location-based products and services specific to your products or to you. All such information will be dealt with in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.


6.  Data Processed by Third Party Applications, Software or Services


When you use the Services, you may also use several applications, software and services provided by various third parties (such as the provider of the device on which the HomeWhiz application runs or the providers of other software running on the same device). Such applications, software or services may process your personal information or data and they are subject to their own terms of use and privacy policies. Therefore, the Company shall not be responsible for these third-party privacy policies or practices.

7.  Sharing of your Personal Information with Third Parties


In principle, we do not share or disclose your personal information or data to third parties. However, the Company may be required to share or use your personal information and data in the following cases:


i.     where this is necessary in order to provide the Services to you,

ii.   if we are required to do so to pursue our legal procedures,

iii.  if we are required to disclose your personal information or data in order to comply with any legal obligation or the decision of a judicial authority, public authority or a government body, or if we determine that for national security, law enforcement or other issues of public importance, disclosure is necessary,

iv.  if we are required to disclose your personal data to providers of outsourced services like cloud computing to enable them to provide such services,

v.   if it is necessary for providing after-sale services and repair services to your devices that support the use of the Services, or

vi.  where we are otherwise permitted to do so by applicable law.


Disclosure of your personal information and data in accordance with the foregoing provision may include disclosure to the Company's affiliates, subsidiaries or a third party which is located outside the European Union ("EU") or European Economic Area ("EEA"). If you are a resident of a member state of the EU or the EEA, the data protection laws outside the EU/EEA may not provide for an equivalent level of protection to those in your home country. However, before transferring the personal information and data of a resident of an EU/EEA member state we will take steps to ensure that such data will be afforded the same level of protection as under applicable data protection laws within the EU/EEA.


We will not make your personal information and data available to third parties for any other purposes as described in this Privacy Policy and we will not sell your personal information and data.


8.  Security Measures Taken for Your Personal Data


The Company takes administrative, technical and physical measures to protect your personal information and data against loss, theft, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction.


Whilst we comply with the standards required by applicable laws, we cannot guarantee that your personal information and data is secure when submitted or otherwise communicated through insecure means.


We protect the security of your personal information and data by using encryption and password protection where appropriate and limiting access to your personal information and data.


Whilst we have done all of this, these measures do not release you from taking appropriate steps to keep your personal information and data safe and secure, in particular by avoiding obvious user ID's or passwords, by changing your password regularly and by ensuring that you do not disclose your password(s) or grant any other person access to your user account and your personal information and data. 


9.   Links to External Content Resources


Our Services may contain some services or links that may direct you to other websites, services or external content resources which are outside of our control. We are not responsible for such direction and the privacy of any personal information and data which you provide on other websites. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for those policies.


10.   Cookies and other Technologies


The Services and the Software, the CompanyÕs website, online services, applications, e-mail messages, advertisements may use cookies and other technologies such as pixel tags and web beacons. These technologies help us to understand user behaviours, how and when the Services are used, and which Service is the most popular.


We use this information to understand and analyse tendencies of the website, get more information about user behaviours and collect demographic data on our users. By studying these, we are able to adapt our Services and Software to suit your demands and to provide you with a more customised user experience.


Please note that our Services and Software are designed to work with cookies and other technologies, and disabling them may affect your usage of our Services or Software. We do not exchange cookies with any third party, except with third parties working with us to provide our Services to you.


11.   Changes to this Privacy Policy


The Company may change and update this Privacy Policy from time to time. The Company will notify you of any material changes or additions to this Privacy Policy and will provide you with a copy of the amended Privacy Policy by use of your email address provided to the Company, or by any other suitable means which ensures that you will be notified of any changes to this Privacy Policy.


12.   Access to the Privacy Policy and Withdrawal of Consent


You can display the content of the latest "HomeWhiz Privacy Policy" you have accepted on the HomeWhiz application. If you withdraw your consent to the Privacy Policy, you may not be able to use all sections of our Services.


13.   Your Rights for Your Personal Data


You have the following rights with respect to your personal data we hold:


a)    to learn whether your personal data is processed;

b)    if processed, to request information in connection therewith;

c)    to learn the purpose of the processing and whether such data is used for intended purposes;

d)    to learn the recipients to whom your personal data has been disclosed at home or abroad;

e)    to request the correction of any inaccurate or incomplete personal data;

f)     to request the erasure or destruction of your personal data in accordance with the applicable laws,

g)    To request us to notify the third parties to whom your personal data has been disclosed of the actions taken according to the subparagraphs (e) and (f) above,

h)    to object to any result against you due to the analysis of the processed personal data exclusively by automatic systems; and

i)      to claim compensation for damage you suffer as a result of any unlawful processing of your personal data.


You can use the following contact details to exercise these rights:


Company Name            :  Arelik A.Ş

Address              :  Karaağa Cad. No:2-6 SŸtlŸce Beyoğlu, ISTANBUL

Phone                  :  0 212 314 3434

E-Mail                   :  mushiz@arcelik.com

Customer Services       : 444 0 888


14.   How to Contact Us for your Personal Information and Data


Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our commitment to this Privacy Policy.



Date of Issue: 04 January 2017