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How to encourage a food-saving lifestyle
How to encourage a food-saving lifestyle

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How to encourage a food-saving lifestyle


Food: we eat it, enjoy it, but also waste it.


So much of food, in fact, is wasted every year when it doesn’t necessarily need to be. Just because you can’t eat it, doesn’t mean it has to go to the rubbish pile.


That’s why we’ve created Respect Food. At Grundig, we encourage a sustainable lifestyle and wasting food is far from that. With so many greenhouse gases being produced and having an effect on climate change and ecosystems, sustainability and reducing food waste is a key step forward in saving the planet. Find out about our Respect Food technologies here.


These 5 simple ideas can help you stretch your unwanted food even further, and can help you from filling the bin.


1. Compost
Where fertiliser helps plants grow, compost can help make the soil as cosy and rich as possible for your plants. You can use a wide variety of food scraps from fruits, vegetables, bread, tea bags, and coffee grounds towards making it, as long as there’s no meat or dairy involved. You can either make it yourself or take it to a facility that takes in food waste.

2. Plan and budget
A lot of food is often wasted simply because we often confuse what we want with what we need. Try to cut down on habits that encourage buying food in bulk, especially if you know you won’t be able to eat all of it. Planning your meals on a daily basis, cooking in bulk to last for a week, and being more careful with portion sizes all go a long way in helping you know how much food you’re going to use, and it helps save money too.


3. Be creative!
Instead of thinking about discarding those last pieces of fruit and vegetable, turn them into a
smoothie! How about making the roots and stems the new pastime paint stamps for your kids? Bits and pieces of foods that may seem like they’ve overstayed their welcome could find a new home becoming ingredients for something else, whether that’s fun, or food!


4. Food Bins
Often, having to get rid of excess food is unavoidable. Instead of placing it in your trash, place your peelings and scraps in a food bin, which are growing more and more common. They make sure that the scraps are processed, recycled, or composted instead of adding another volume to a local landfill.

5. Household use
There are plenty of things you can do with scraps of food that don’t involve eating them. Citrus peels, for example, can be added to extra virgin olive oil for a delicious burst of flavour, citrus rinds also make great polishers. And that’s not all, fruits and vegetables can be used to make your home smell nicer, deter insects, and even disinfect surfaces.


6. Using technology
Grundig’s technologies are designed to help you stop wasting food and wasting money. With an A+++ energy rating, they’re good for the environment, good for your food, and good for your pocket. Our refrigeration technologies allow food to stay fresher for longer. For example, the VitaminCare zone fridge mimics the natural process of photosynthesis, to slow down the ageing of fruits and vegetables and FullFresh+ can help your fruit and vegetables last up to 3 times longer. Interested in ways to save your meat? Freshmeter technology helps you out by showing you whether it is good to eat or not. To keep it fresher for longer, CustomFresh+ controls airflow and temperature and keeps it fresh even if it is odorous like fishSave your milk, and make your cheese and yoghurt products last up to 3 times longer with FullFresh+0°C, and SuperFresh. FullFresh keeps delicate foods fresh without the need for wasteful packaging. Fast & Healthy is a quick and healthy way to dehydrate your food, and there are so many foods you can dehydrate.


Food waste is a huge issue, but it can be reduced by the smallest of ideas from your very own kitchen. Implementing these ideas will improve not only your own lifestyle but do some amazing good for the world around you as well!