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Zero Waste Christmas
Zero Waste Christmas

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Zero Waste Christmas

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Christmas is coming up, and as the date nears dinner plans are also starting to shape up. Some prefer classic dishes, while others may enjoy a more alternative take on Christmas menus.

Well, how about adding alternatives to your classic Christmas menu?

We can’t bear the thought of a life with potatoes when it has so many delicious versions.

Usually served baked, mashed, or fried, we can’t picture a Christmas dinner without roasted potatoes. Did you know that you can use the skins of the potatoes you’ve peeled? Just add a little bit of olive oil and salt, roast them in the oven and enjoy a delicious side while watching movies on Christmas eve. 

The most colorful side of impeccable Christmas tables is the tapas and salads. We can’t imagine a Christmas table without it. Many people dump the skins, shells, and other usable parts of tapas and salad ingredients while cooking. You can use all your extra and odd bits to make a fantastic leftover soup by cooking them with your choice of vegetables for the soup’s base. 

You can use tomato skins for sauce, carrot bits for crispslemon peels for candy, and cucumber skins will be your morning ritual as a green smoothie.  

Don’t forget to consider the number of guests and realistic portion sizes when preparing your Christmas Dinner, and you’re sure to have a leftover free Christmas. 

These are just a few ways you can bring new colours to your table around the holidays. It is possible to enjoy a great Christmas without leftovers. The small steps you take are the easiest way to prevent waste. Building a better future also means wasting less. Try not to consume tomorrow’s needs today. We believe that every bit of food deserves respect, and it starts at home.

Inspired by Grundig’s Respect Food Campaign in partnership with Food for Soul.