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Know Your Food: Mango

We love mangoes in any shape. Whether in its natural state, pureed into a dessert, or mixed into a refreshing drink, mangoes are a delicious and nutritious addition to our grocery list. That’s why in this article, we’re all about mangoes. Check out our article to read up on tips on what can be done with it, what’s the best way to keep it, what to do if it’s overripe, or underripe.


Mangoes are structurally quite similar to avocados and peaches. You can rely on the same rules when buying mangoes. Underripe mangoes, like avocados and peaches, have a tough and dense texture. However, ripe mangoes, while having a relatively compact feel, will loosen up a bit to the touch, again like peaches. While shopping for fruits, try to look past the “it looking pretty” to avoid food waste and consider even the “ugly” looking ones as they can be just the right ripeness for your palate or dish. Since mangoes come in varieties, it can be hard to determine its maturity from its color. If you can trust your senses, especially your nose, you might tell an underripe mango from smelling its top.

2- How to store Mangoes?

To keep mangoes fresh, they must be kept in the fruit section of the refrigerator to slow down their ripening. Keeping them in separate containers to avoid contact with other food and air will help extend their freshness to even longer.

Underripe mangoes can be quickly ripened by being kept at room temperature for a few days. If you’d like to speed up the process, you can keep it in a brown paper bag to ripen even faster through the enzymes it releases.

3- How to enjoy mangoes?

While you can enjoy it as is, in fruit form, you can also use it to flavor your puddingssmoothies, and salads

You can also dehydrate it in the oven to extend its shelf life and have a healthy snack option in the pantry.

You can use excess fresh mangoes or even overripe ones by making a jam.

You can freeze cut up slices to enjoy it later as fruit or puree to add an inspired flavor to your recipes. 

Learning about our food, how to keep it fresh, and making the most of it is the easiest way to take small steps with significant results to a waste-free kitchen and one day, waste-free world.

Learning about our food, how to keep it fresh, and making the most of it is the easiest way to take small steps with significant results to a waste-free kitchen and one day, waste-free world.