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GWS 2152 B:

GWS 2152 B
GWS 2152 B

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GWS 2152 B:

Control Type (DRW) Electronic Control
Color (DRW) Black - Glass
Door Opening Type (DRW) Yes
Dimension (cm)
0 Height - Unpacked
0 Width - Unpacked
0 Depth - Unpacked (cm)(z)

Tech Specs

Performance & Consumption

Voltage (v)

220 - 240 V

Frequency (Hz)

50 Hz
Key Features

Drawer Type

Warming Drawer (H:14 cm)

Control Type (DRW)

Electronic Control

Drawer Feature

Warm Keeping

Color (DRW)

Black - Glass
Functions & Features

Functions (DRW)

Warm Keeping

Serving Plate Capacity

10 x 24cm dinner plate, 6 x 10cm soup bowls, 1 x 19cm serving dish, 1 x 17cm serving dish, 1 x 32cm meat plate

Temperature Adjustment Range

4 Levels (MIN 30 °C - MAX 80 °C)

Door Opening Type (DRW)

Weight Capacity

25 kg