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Popular Questions

It’s normal to hear a clunking noise during the wash cycle. The detergent dispenser will make this sound while its lid is opening. This isn’t a malfunction and will occur about halfway through a wash cycle.


If your appliance isn’t operating normally while making this noise, contact an authorised service agent.

It’s normal to hear a humming noise as your appliance is operating. Dishwashers have many parts such as the drain pump that hum audibly. This is not a malfunction.


If your appliance isn’t operating normally while making this noise, contact an authorised service agent.

Some of your dishes may be moving inside your appliance. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but if you think that some items may get damaged, stop your dishwasher and rearrange the dishes. 


If the sound occurs every cycle, run your dishwasher empty. If the problem persists, it might be coming from the motor. In this case, contact an authorised service agent.

Opening your dishwasher’s door mid-cycle isn’t recommended. If you do, depending on what stage of the programme your dishwasher’s at, hot water or steam will escape from the appliance, which might cause serious injury. It’s best not to open your dishwasher’s door while the appliance is running. 


If you want your dishwasher to finish its cycle at a later time, you can delay the start or set an end time to the selected programme on your dishwasher (depending on the model of your appliance). This is especially useful if the cost of electricity or water is lower at specific times of the day. 


To set a delayed programme, load your dishwasher and select the programme along with any additional functions. Press the Time Delay function button to set when you want your appliance to start. Close the door of your appliance. Once the time delay has ended, the selected programme will start automatically. While the Time Delay function is active, you cannot make changes to the washing programme, additional functions or the delay period.


To cancel the Time Delay function, open your dishwasher’s door and hold the Programme Selection/Programme Cancel buttons simultaneously for three seconds. Then close the door of your appliance and wait for the draining process to finish.


For more information, head over to our guide on Grundig dishwasher programmes and features.

You may be loading your dishes incorrectly or overloading your dishwasher. Make sure all your dishes are tilted properly and that they’re not touching each other or the moving parts of the dishwasher. 


If you don’t load your dishes properly in the dishwasher, water sprayed during the wash cycle might cause dishes to strike against, scratch or even break each other.


If the problem continues, contact an authorised service agent.

These noises generally occur in the water pipes. The force of incoming water can cause the pipes to rattle as the dishwasher water valve closes. This effect is known as “water hammer” and is a household plumbing issue. Also, check to see whether the hoses at the back of the appliance are banging against it.


If the sound is too loud or if you think damage is being caused to your walls or water pipes, seek the help of a qualified plumber.

It’s normal to hear a clicking noise as your dishwasher goes through a cycle. The clicking sound is either coming from the electronic control panel or from the timer. This is not a malfunction. 


If the sound is rhythmic, the cause may be an item inside the dishwasher tub. If you suspect this to be the case, stop the appliance and drain the water inside to remove the object. 


If your appliance isn’t operating normally while making this noise, contact an authorised service agent.


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