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The hose that connects your Grundig refrigerators to the water line comes in two pieces with a filter in between. The first hose is 1 m, and the second one is 4 m, adding up to 5 m in total length.

Your refrigerator may take up to 8 to 12 hours before it produces usable ice cubes for the first time.The initial batches of ice cubes may have irregular shapes, colours, or other impurities especially if your refrigerator is a plumbed model. You may want to discard the first two or three batches before your appliance starts producing perfect ice cubes.

Allow 24 hours for the refrigerator to cool down so that it can chill water properly. Also, the water dispenser needs to have the trapped air in the water line removed when it is first connected or every time the water filter is replaced. Place a large container below the water dispenser and start pressing and releasing the lever for 5-seconds intervals. Repeat until water begins to flow. Once water starts flowing, continue pressing and releasing the dispenser paddle until a total of 15 litres of water has been dispensed. This will flush the air from the filter and the water dispensing system, ensuring pure and fresh water for drinking.

Your refrigerator needs at least 5 cm of free space on the sides, the top and at the back for proper ventilation.

Before getting started, make sure that your fridge is unplugged, and the door shelves are empty. Depending on the model of your fridge, you can either loosen the upper hinge screws and then tighten them while maintaining the correct position or you can use the adjusting nuts and bolts connected to the doors. To adjust the doors vertically, loosen the fixing nut at the bottom. Screw the adjusting nut according to the position of the door. Finally, tighten the fixing nut into its final position. To adjust the doors horizontally, loosen the fixing bolt on the top. Screw the adjusting bolt on the side according to the position of the door. Tighten the fixing bolt on the top for the final position. For more information on how to align your fridge doors, consult your user manual. If you’re having trouble finding your manual, download it here using your product’s model number.


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