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5 reasons why weird-looking produce isn’t so weird
5 reasons why weird-looking produce isn’t so weird

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5 reasons why weird-looking produce isn’t so weird

We’ve all done it.

Browsing through a supermarket or local grocer, picking out fruit and vegetables that look the best to our eyes. But does their appearance really hold any real advantage? Almost 40% of fresh produce is wasted in the UK because consumers find them too weird-looking, when really they’re just as good as the better-looking produce we all yearn for.

Food waste’s detrimental impact on the environment just isn’t worth throwing away perfectly edible food for. From the production of greenhouse gases to the takeover of landfills, we need to tackle it. That’s why we at Grundig have created Respect Food. We have the simple belief that every bit of food should be used to its full potential. We’ve developed Respect Food technologies to help you save your food from the bin. Our VitaminCare Zone fridge recreates the process of photosynthesis and keeps your fruit and vegetables from ageing, no matter how ugly they may be! Find out more about Respect Food and our technologies here.

If it’s just an issue of looks, these 5 pointers can help you remember why it’s worth checking out that peculiar carrot again. The world and your wallet will thank you for it.

1. Reduce landfills
Studies estimate that almost a quarter of fruits and vegetables are either discarded or fed to livestock before reaching stores. Add the fact that such produce isn’t too appealing on shelves either, and landfills begin to inch higher and higher with peculiar produce. It’s up to us as consumers to ensure that their weird looks aren’t wasted.

2. It’s on the inside

Bruised fruits, blemished vegetables, are they as bad as what your eyes might make you think? Studies have shown that bruised fruits can be perfectly safe to eat, though of course, do so with discretion. Plus, the taste and nutrient content of such produce on store shelves is no different to your regular fruit and veg, so it’s no compromise for your health either.

3. They’re often cheaper
It’s by habit, many of us avoid those awkward looking apples. Make this behaviour commonplace, and stores are often forced to chop costs down to incredible levels in order to offload excess produce. Many speciality online stores are popping up as well, with prices rivalling that of major supermarkets. Remember, they’re still just as healthy for you, but with the added benefit of being healthy for the wallet too.

4. Cook!
Raw or not, fresh produce really does have a variety of uses. When used in cooking; soups, sauces, bakes, and so much more, most of these fruits and vegetables rarely retain their original appearance or texture, everybody wins! It’s also quite common for many blemishes be exclusive to the skin of some produce, so don’t be put off too quickly.

5. Spread awareness
The more people who know about the benefits of weird looking produce, the better it is for you and the environment around you. Supermarkets will be encouraged to stock more of them, and less produce is wasted in the supply chain as a result.

We believe that food shouldn’t be wasted, whether or not it is appealing to the eye. Respect Food is about highlighting that at ultimately, it’s about what is appealing for the planet. So stock up on that produce that you might think is so ugly, and see how you can keep the planet looking pretty!