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1m read

How much money you can save by reducing food waste

At Grundig, we’ve created Respect Food to highlight and show ways to minimise the huge impact of food wasteFood waste is a drain on resourceson natural habitats for wildlife and on our finances. With every bit of food we throw away, we throw away precious cash that we could use elsewhere.

Here are some facts:
• Each person in Europe or North America wastes about 100kg of food annually
• 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted each year
• $310 billion worth of food is wasted each year in developing countries
• $680 billion worth of food is wasted each year in industrialised countries

Learn more facts that you might not know about food wastage here.

So what do these numbers mean? They show the scope of how much money we waste, but they also show how much we can save.

Every month, each household throws out, on average, £60 worth of food in the UK. Globally, in a year, we’re wasting over $1trillion of food. Saving up a month’s worth for a year could pay for:

• A holiday
• Appliances for the home
• A new tv and/or games console
• A pair of designer shoes or bag

Not only do we save so much money, but we also save other people. It’s been found that just ¼ of the food we waste in the world could feed 870 million hungry mouths, cutting the costs created by illness and malnutrition, and saving lives.

Over time, that money could be invested in better housing and education for developing societies, creating a society richer in wellbeing and progress.Therefore, Grundig collaborates with different non-profit associations to raise awareness of global food waste and to reduce food poverty. Find out more about these partnerships here.

Count and calculate your food waste using our calculator. Reduce your food waste, and invest in the future, and see how you can save much more than you think.