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1m read

How Should Greens Be Kept In The Fridge?

It’s always a challenge to keep your greens fresh in the fridge. We have some tricks as to how you can keep your greens that have a tendency to rot depending on the humidity of your fridge, fresh for a long time.

1- The only way to secure lettuce, which is one of the most perishable greens, is to keep it dry. You can lengthen the shelf life of lettuce, which has a tendency to rot because of its wet leaves, by drying off its leaves with a paper towel.

2- Drying is a priority for the other greens as well. Especially by using dryers, you can save time and keep your food safe for up to 7 days.

3- Another reason for rotting is keeping the greens in plastic bags. When greens are kept in airtight materials like plastic bags, they create humidity, a bad smell and their shelf life shortens. The plastic bag itself can be an environmental threat if not disposed of properly. Wrapping greens in paper bags before putting them in the fridge helps them last longer while respecting the environment.

4- Greens like parsley and coriander also have a tendency to rot when they’re wet. So it’s advised to wash and dry them before keeping in a glass container. This way you can prevent yellowing of the leaves too. With this method, they stay usable for up to 7 days. 

5- It won’t be right to wash spinach before preserving it because it’s difficult for spinach to dry with its many leaves and organize a place for the process. Spinach doesn’t like being kept in the fridge and such should be consumed soon after it’s purchased. Spinach should be aired out for a few hours, and then kept in the fridge in wrapping paper and consumed within 3 days.

6- The easiest way to preserve greens is to keep them in the freezer. Greens like arugula, parsley, dill etc.. should be washed and packed into bags according to consumption needs. Greens kept in the freezer can be consumed whenever you want.

7- It’s possible to keep greens fresh for a long time with Grundig technologies.