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How to Ace this Valentine’s Day
How to Ace this Valentine’s Day

1m read

How to Ace this Valentine’s Day

6 FebruarGas on Glass HobBlog 1080x1080
6 FebruarGas on Glass HobBlog 1080x1080

How to Ace this Valentine’s Day


The candle flickers lazily, casting a generous glow across the table which you’ve decked out in your favourite damask tablecloth. You look up from your delicious meal, specially prepared by you and your loved one, and gaze into the face of the one you adore.


This is a romantic candlelit dinner fit for a Valentine’s Day or date night. Except it’s brought to you by Loadshedding.


Never fear, though. Certainly when Grundig is here! We have a solution for you whether or not the power is on — our Gas on Glass Hob. Don’t have a gas hob? Then this is the one for you! For those who already have a gas hob and might need a touch more convincing, look no further than the next paragraph! 


Invest in Grundig Technology:


With five burners, including a wok burner, heavy-duty cast iron pot stands and automatic flame failure cut-out device, this hob promises all the fittings you need to get stuck into your favourite recipe while putting safety first. Safety in the kitchen is especially important on date nights in case you get lost in your partners deep brown eyes and clean forget that the tagliatelle is burning!


Rock the Recipe


Now pair the Gas on Glass Hob with a to-die-for recipe and consider Valentine's Day evening, and any other date night, 100% sorted! When it comes to choosing what you’ll cook, we have this advice for you: choose something that isn’t complicated to make, but still shows off your culinary finesse. We’re thinking gnocchi or fusilli covered with light but rich sauce (nothing like the ‘fancier’ pastas to turn things up a notch) or even a simple-to-make chicken or steak dish accompanied by melted camembert and cranberry sauce (and don’t you dare forget the ever-important microgreens). 


Make the Taste Buds Tingle (and not because of allergies!)


New date? Not sure what they like? Just make sure of one thing: find out if they’re vegan, vegetarian or allergic to any of the ingredients you’ll be using. A trip to the emergency room is certainly not the kind of ending you’d like to this dinner!


Make the Right Date Night Choice


Buy the Gas on Glass Hob now: