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1m read

Know Your Food: Apple

If you like skipping the peel and getting straight to the apple, let us inform you about all the goodness you’re missing out on and why eating an apple with its skin is good for you. Because our food habits affect waste; we can help prevent food waste by buying only as much as we need and consuming the produce in a manner that minimizes waste. 

Apple Peel Nutritional Value

Nutrient-rich, vitamin-packed bites

Vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, folate, iron and phosphorus-rich apple peels are very good for our health in many ways. When consumed regularly, it could help with digestion and weight loss.

Apple Peel Ideas

So what can we do with peels that generally get discarded and wasted? Here are a few thoughts;

1- Apple Peel Snacks

Baked in melted butter with cinnamon, these apple peels will be reborn as a delicious snack for later.

2- How about some tea?

Boil the apple peels and add honey and cinnamon as a sweetener to get a comforting apple tea to cosy up with.

3- Sangria Time!

You can freeze apple peels for later uses such as adding it to sangria for more flavour. Apple peels kept in the freezer protect their aroma and could be served as a flavourful ice option to cool your drinks as well.

4- Want to make more flavourful breads and muffins?

You can blend apple peels in a blender and add it to your baked good to add them more flavour.

5- So Fresh, So Sweet

No matter what flavour you prefer, here’s a new, natural sweetener you can use when making ice tea.