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1m read

No Leftover Week in Slovenia

Food waste is a problem for all of us. From landfills growing in the area to emissions polluting our air.

That’s why we at Grundig have initiated the Respect Food programme. We want to promote saving food rather than throwing it away, and we want to feed people, not landfills.

Our work with Chef Massimo Bottura so far has saved 25 tons of food from being wasted, and that’s just in one year. So, on 26th May, in collaboration with Bottura, we set up the No Waste Food Week in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The container kitchen was placed in the centre of the city. Bottura and famous Slovenian chefs led workshops and presented recipes to promote creating delicious dishes from what initially may have turned into trash. We created Respect Food menus to distribute amongst Slovenia’s top 16 social influencers on 1st and 2nd June so that the message can live on and can be passed to people throughout Slovenia.

Our goal is to help reducing food waste and we’ve succeeded in creating awareness in Slovenia by reaching a 100% of the population. We believe in wasting less, feeding more and we really honour the cause.