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1m read

World Food Day

World Food Day is a day set by the United Nations to raise awareness of global hunger, waste, and food resources. This year on the 16th of October, various organizations will lead many events campaigning for #zerohunger worldwide.

Zero Hunger is a UN goal, set to draw attention to climate change, its impact on agricultural production and increasing cases of malnutrition observed and expected to continue around the world.

World Food Day is essential for the necessary awareness of food issues threatening the world as dwindling resources and overconsumption increasingly hurt the environment.

So on this day, the necessity of sustainable agriculture and continued agricultural production lead the conversation along with measures to be taken against water waste due to its impact on food production and vice versa.

Creating a zero waste and #zerohunger world by 2030 is no small task but possible with small changes we all can make. Getting there is going to be easier with each of us becoming more informed about ways we can contribute towards a solution. Here are a few tiny acts that can have mighty results on reaching that goal.

– Rethink leftovers: Here are a few ways to refresh your leftovers into delicious meals:

– If you can’t use it now, freeze it for later and keep it from going to trash.

– We can help conserve water resources by reducing meat consumption to once a week.

– Let’s shop locally and look to buy vegetables and fruits that are in season to support local producers.