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Your Summer
Your Summer

1m read

4 December_Washer Dryer_1080x1080
4 December_Washer Dryer_1080x1080

Your Summer


Picture this: the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore; your children laughing and playing Marco Polo in the pool while the lights twinkle on the tree and Mariah Carey belts her heart out. But then it’s interrupted by the sound of your washing machine going (do we insert a crying face or an eye roll emoji here?). 


Summer holidays means there’s an endless stream of washing coming your way. So, what to do about it? Don’t worry, Grundig has all the answers! 


Have a Stain Remover Handy

The kids are playing touch rugby, and they’re bringing the whole beach with them. There’s mud on their smart pants and grass stains on their good denims. Nevermind that, you’ve just got a little merlot on your partner’s shirt (blame how expressive you are with your hands!), while the gravy boat spilled your grandmother’s famed mint sauce all over your lap. (It was the gravy boat, not you, of course!)


Point being? Have a stain remover at hand. If you forgot to pack one in your holiday grocery shopping (and the supermarket is a whole 5 minutes walk away), then don’t worry, there may be items in your pantry cupboard that can help.


Don’t Forget the White vinegar

White vinegar is accessible, inexpensive and can atone for all manner of sins. Treat fresh stains by popping a little white vinegar (try a cap full, and then another if necessary) on the mark itself. You can also add it into your laundry before you switch on the washing machine, or, our favourite method, fill a bucket with hot water and  a cup of vinegar and soak soiled items. 

Salt isn’t Just For Food

Salt is a fabulous accompaniment to just about any meal. It’s also a fantastic stain remover, and with a pinch or two, you can rest assured that your clothes will come out the wash A-okay. Red wine and blood are especially difficult to get out of clothes, but rubbing a little bit of salt into the stain can help lift it before you put it in the washing machine.

Instruct the Kids

You might have grown up children or little ones but either way, there’s something about mom and dads’ house that lends itself to leaving damp towels around the pool and dirty laundry on the bathroom floor. Lay down some firm rules and insist that everybody hangs up their damp towels, keeping outdoor or beach towels on the towel rail outside or on the washing line, and hanging up towels after the bath on the towel rail in the bathroom. Pick up all dirty clothes off the floor and make sure they find their way to the wash basket.


Our Grundig Washer/Dryer is exactly what you need for both your holiday house and your home-home. Don’t worry, December has just begun, you’ve still got time! Buy it here: