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1m read

Zero Waste Dining

A Sunday brunch, a holiday gathering, or just a wine&dine with friends – crowded tables are always fun. But unfortunately, big meals also mean lots of wasted food. Waste no more!

1- Cook Less

It is a common mistake to overcook when cooking for gatherings. Taking time to estimate how much food is needed not only helps you avoid food waste, but also enables you to save money and makes your life easier by reducing the time required to cook and clean-up. Take a peek at your guest list and try to imagine how much would each guest eat and cook accordingly.

2- Re-use Leftovers

Leftovers are efficient and tasty bases for delicious recipes. There are many ways to make new meals from the leftovers from the crowded dishes. The chicken from the night could be dinner on the next evening. Thus, you can avoid wasting food and discover new flavors.

3- Share

Why not send your guests home with a delicious treat? You can share the leftovers with them in unused jars or containers. You can also wrap dry foods such as bread or cookies in wax paper. By sharing you could protect the environment. Because every new meal to be made will cause more greenhouse gas emissions.

4- Freeze

Freezing food is one of the most natural ways to avoid wasting it. Vitamins and minerals are saved during freezing. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are not affected. Frozen and portioned leftover food can be quite handy. You’ll be comforted by the idea of a quick and tasty meal waiting for you, whenever you need.

5-  Donate

Your food can bring joy to others, as well as your loved ones. Through food banks and homeless shelters, your food can make others smile too. Some organizations accept only packaged food – please be sure to check with your local organization.

With zero waste dining, you can consume less energy, less damage to the environment and save more money. If we consider using everything again before waste, we can leave a better world for future generations.