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How to store tinned and canned goods once they’ve been opened
How to store tinned and canned goods once they’ve been opened

1m read

How to store tinned and canned goods once they’ve been opened


Canned foods are easy, long-lasting and versatile. But like many foods, a lack of proper storage makes them destined for landfills.

So much food is wasted despite being perfectly edible. Respect Food is about cutting down on unnecessary waste, saving food, and making it go further. The environmental effects of wasted food contribute to climate change, and economically it wastes over $1trillion per year.

See these 3 tips to keep your opened canned goods stored for just a while longer, so you can do your bit to deprive our planet of unnecessary food waste.

1. Use airtight containers

Canned foods can last a very long time, but that’s only if they’re sealed. A common misconception is that keeping these opened foods refrigerated in their original packaging will help, but iron and tin from these cans will dissolve into the food, giving it a metallic taste. You can avoid this issue by just repacking leftovers in a resealable container and refrigerate them to preserve their freshness.

2. Keep the liquid and brine
After you’ve opened your canned food, don’t dispose of the liquid or brine. Instead, transfer it to an airtight container with the food itself. This will help in preserving the food for longer as well as maintaining its taste and texture.

3. Keep it at the back of the fridge

Keeping food in airtight containers helps stop air from ruining it in so many ways, but low temperatures are essential too. Keeping your resealed canned goods at the back of the fridge, where it’s at its coldest, can go a long way in extending the lifespan of canned foods. This also stops them from being exposed to temperature changes every time you open your fridge door.

Grundig’s fridge technologies can make your tinned food last longer. For example, find out more about our IonFresh technology, which neutralises bacteria in the fridge automatically.

By keeping to these 3 simple tips, you’ll see how you can make your canned foods go that extra mile, so you can Respect Food and help the planet.

Further information on how to take care of your groceries can be found in our Tips section. For instance, check out the articles about properly storing dairy products, such as milkyoghurt, or cheese.